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Fabi Ayyi Alai Rabbikuma Tukazziban (Surah Rahman Verse 13) Acrylic Wall Art Decor

Fabi Ayyi Alai Rabbikuma Tukazziban (Surah Rahman Verse 13) Acrylic Wall Art Decor

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Quranic Calligraphy of Verse 13 from Suratul Rahman on Acrylic Panel

Experience the beauty of Quranic calligraphy with our stunning Acrylic panel featuring verse 13 from Suratul Rahman. The verse, "Fabi ayyi alai rabbikuma tukazziban", invites contemplation on the blessings and favors bestowed upon us by our Lord.

The Beauty of the Qur'an Itself

While the calligraphy and artwork are exquisite, the true beauty lies in the words of the Qur'an. Display this piece in your home and be reminded of the divine message it carries.

Material and Sizes

Available in four sizes, this artwork is crafted on mirror or Acrylic, with a combination of wood and acrylic calligraphy. The hanging part on the backside ensures easy installation.

  • Small Size:         10 x 24" - (25.4 x 60 cm)
  • Medium Size:    13 x 31.88" - (33 x 80 cm)
  • Large Size:        13 x 35.4" - (33 x 90 cm)
  • X-Large Size:    19.6 x 43.3" - (50 x 110 cm)

Please note that Hanging tools are included for your convenience, making it easy to hang with nail.

Unique Artwork with Elegant Calligraphy

This artwork is a unique combination of elegant calligraphy, Mirror, and acrylic. The design on reflective Acrylic creates a captivating 3D effect that will enrich your home decor.

Customization and Ideal Gift

Looking for a personalized touch? Let us know your wishes in the customization section, and we will create a custom piece just for you. This artwork also makes an ideal gift for Ramadan Kareem, serving as a meaningful reminder of faith and blessings.

Order today and embrace the beauty of Quranic calligraphy in your home!

"Surah Ar-Rahman Islamic Wall Calligraphy: A Majestic Fusion of Faith and Artistry

Elevate the ambiance of your home or office with the exquisite Surah Ar-Rahman Islamic Wall Calligraphy, beautifully rendered in captivating Arabic script. Crafted with precision and reverence, this awe-inspiring piece of art features the timeless verse from the Quran, "Fabi Ayyi Alai Rabbikuma Tukaziban," an invitation to reflect upon the bounties and blessings bestowed by the Creator.

The calligraphy is meticulously designed in elegant Arabic script, emphasizing the aesthetic beauty of the sacred words. Each stroke carries a profound sense of devotion, mirroring the spiritual significance of Surah Ar-Rahman, known as the Chapter of Mercy. The use of Awlal crylic technique adds a contemporary touch, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity.

This masterpiece serves as a reminder of the boundless mercy and grace of Allah, creating a serene atmosphere that inspires contemplation and gratitude. Whether adorning the walls of your home or enhancing the professional setting of your office, this piece of Islamic art transcends mere decoration, offering a connection to the divine and a source of spiritual tranquility.

The Surah Ar-Rahman Islamic Wall Calligraphy is more than just decor; it is a statement of faith, a visual representation of the profound verses that have resonated through centuries. Elevate your space with this harmonious blend of faith and artistry, inviting the blessings and serenity of Surah Ar-Rahman into your daily life."

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Customer Reviews

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Absolutly stunning

Very good goods and fast delivery. I recommend. I will buy from this site again and again

beautiful fabi ayyi

The product is absolutely worth it. It's very pretty and well made and the seller is very sweet and timely. I had a small request to change color and they were very accommodating.


Alhamdulillah looks beautiful. I am hoping it will keep sticking and not fell down as the mounting acrylic Yet I like it very much .

Ranjit Singh

very good MashaAllah condition, and its look very nice in home JazakAllah

stunning product and good experience

The ordering process was so quick and smooth. She had a mock up created within a few hours of placing my order. Worked with me to get the placement of my text pin just right! It arrived quickly. And as it was packaged so carefully it was in perfect condition! Will order again!